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Northern California / Bay Area Office
281 Generations Court
Manteca, CA 95337
(209) 239-9676
lic# 905631 DOSH Reg.# 1092
Central Valley Office
3443 W. Gettyburg Avenue
Fresno, CA 93722
(559) 222-1149
Hazardous Materials Removal

Pantano Demolition has a wide range of experience dealing with hazardous materials of all kinds. Every job site has a history and many existing sites will have some form of hazardous materials that will need to be removed before or during the demolition process.

We work closely with environmental consultants to test and document all hazardous materials for proper disposal and handling to ensure each and every project is handled properly in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws.

At Pantano Demolition we take pride in protecting the environment by ensuring all of our employees have the appropriate hazardous materials removal training and experience.

We offer the following turnkey services and oversight:

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal
  • Lead Abatement
  • Contaminated Soil Removal

Pantano Demolition is a leader in providing safe and professional hazardous materials removal. Contact us or call our Central Valley office at (559) 222-1149 or our Northern California / Bay Area office at (209) 239-9676 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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  • Class A- General Engineering Contractor
  • Class B- General Building Contractor
  • Class C21-Building Moving, Demolition


  • Haz - Hazardous Substance Removal
  • Asb - Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Abatement